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The Gazette's Data Service

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Trusted data from the UK’s official source    

Access to reliable data is vital to the stability and success of your business. The Gazette’s Data Service provides accurate and timely information to aid data driven decision-making. Our data is helping organisations like yours in areas such as:

  • KYC, KY3P and AML
  • Company due diligence
  • Credit management
  • Investment risk decisions
  • Lead generation
  • Supply chain monitoring

Our clients include the likes of leading banks and financial institutions, government departments and credit reference agencies.  You too can benefit from the following Gazette data:

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Corporate insolvency
  • Deceased estates
  • Gazette first & final (strike-off information)
  • Notice of company incorporation

Bespoke and historical data sets are available. Start a free one-month Data Service trial or find out more using our enquiry form or call on 01603 985949. 

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