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Honours and Awards

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Honours and Awards
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The London Gazette
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St James’s Palace, London S.W.1.

7 February 2020


Supplement No. 1 to The London Gazette dated 24 September 2019 (No. 62776)



THOMPSON, Mrs Angela, Administrative Officer to read THORNTON, Mrs Angela, Administrative Officer.

Supplement No. 1 to The London Gazette dated 28 October 2019 (No. 62807)


CBE - Page 19278

The Right Honourable Julian Richard SMITH to read The Right Honourable Julian Richard SMITH, Member of Parliament for Skipton & Ripon and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. For political and public service.

Supplement No. 1 to The London Gazette dated 28 December 2019 (No. 62866)


Page N2

Francis John Stapylton HABGOOD to read Francis John Stapylton HABGOOD, Q.P.M. Lately Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police. For services to Policing.

Dr. Menelas Nicolas PANGALOS to read Dr. Menelas Nicolas PANGALOS, Executive Vice-President and President, Biopharmaceuticals Research and Development, AstraZeneca. For services to UK Science.

Simon STEVENS to read Simon Laurence STEVENS, Chief Executive, The National Health Service (NHS). For services to Health and to the NHS in England.

William THOMAS to read William Gennydd THOMAS. For charitable and political service.


Page N3 – KCB (Civil Division)

Jonathan Guy JONES to read Jonathan Guy JONES, Q.C., HM Procurator General, Treasury Solicitor and Permanent Secretary, Government Legal Department. For public service.

Page N3 – CB (Civil Division)

Katharine BRADDICK to read Katharine BRADDICK, Director General, Financial Services, HM Treasury. For services to Financial Services.

Sarah DAVIDSON to read Sarah Patricia DAVIDSON (Sarah Aitken), Lately Director General, Organisational Development and Operations, Scottish Government. For public service.

Tamara FINKELSTEIN to read Tamara Margaret FINKELSTEIN, Lately Director General, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. For public service.

Noel LAVERY to read Noel Henry LAVERY, Permanent Secretary, Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland Executive. For services to Government in Northern Ireland.

Susannah Jemima STOREY to read Susannah Jemima STOREY (Susannah Hooper), Director General, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. For public service.

David WILLIAMS to read David Peter WILLIAMS, Chief Operating Officer, Department of Health and Social Care. For services to Government Finances.


Page N4 – CMG

Catherine Elizabeth ADAMS to read Catherine Elizabeth ADAMS, Director, Government Legal Department. For services to International Law and to British Foreign Policy.

Jonathan HALL to Jonathan Lewis HALL, O.B.E, Lately Foreign Affairs Private Secretary, Prime Minister's Office. For public service.


Page N4 – GCVO

Sir William Richard Michael OSWALD, K.C.V.O to read Sir William Richard Michael OSWALD, K.C.V.O, National Hunt Racing Adviser to The Queen.

Page N4 – CVO

Moreen Ruth ANDERSON to read Moreen Ruth ANDERSON, Lately Trustee, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Page N5 – CVO

Peter Allen WESTGARTH to read Peter Allen WESTGARTH, Lately Chief Executive, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Page N5 – LVO

Colonel Christopher David MACKENZIE-BEEVOR, C.B.E. to read Colonel Christopher David MacKENZIE-BEEVOR, C.B.E., Lieutenant, the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms.

Commander Graham Peter HOCKLEY to read Commander Graham Peter HOCKLEY, Lately Secretary, Corporation of Trinity House.

Peter David MAY, M.V.O. to read Peter David MAY, M.V.O., Building Superviser, Property Section, Kensington Palace, Royal Household.


Page N6 – RVM (Silver)

Dermot Richard WAIT to read Dermot Richard WAIT, Senior Horticulturalist, Government House, Northern Territory.


Page N7 – MBE (Military Division – Army)

Sergeant Saroj GURUNG to read Sergeant Saroj GURUNG, The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, 21170670

Page N8 – DBE (Civil Division)

Caroline ALLEN, O.B.E. to read Dr. Caroline ALLEN, O.B.E., Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust. For services to Education.

Susan Catherine CAMPBELL, C.B.E to read Susan Catherine, The Baroness CAMPBELL, C.B.E., Director of Women’s Football, The Football Association. For services to Sport.

Diana JOHNSON, M.P. to read Diana Ruth JOHNSON, M.P. For charitable and political service.

Rose TREMAIN, C.B.E. to read Rosemary Jane TREMAIN, C.B.E. For services to Writing.

Page N8 – CBE (Civil Division)

Teresa CLARKE to read Teresa CLARKE, Prison Group Director, West Midlands Prison Group, HM Prison and Probation Service. For services to Improving Outcomes for Care Leavers.

Andrew Robert Tudor DAVIES, A.M. to read Andrew Robert Tudor DAVIES, A.M., Member of the Welsh Assembly for South Wales Central. For political and public service.

Page N9 – CBE (Civil Division)

Dr. Paul Travers ELLIOTT to read Dr. Paul Travers LELLIOTT, Lately Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Care Quality Commission. For services to Mental Health.

Dr. Ahalia Navina EVANS to read Dr. Ahalia Navina EVANS, Chief Executive Officer, East London NHS Foundation Trust. For services to NHS Leadership and the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

Sheila May FLAVELL to read Sheila May, The Baroness FLAVELL, Chief Operating Officer, FDM Group. For services to Gender Equality in IT and to Graduate and Returners Employment.

James Earl FOBERT to read James FOBERT. For services to Architecture.

Gillian Margaret HAGUE to read Professor Gillian Margaret HAGUE, Activist, Consultant and Researcher. For services to the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children and in support of Survivors of Abuse.

Adam Ronald HOGG to read Adam Ronald HOGG. For charitable and political services. (To be dated 16 December 2019)

Shobana JEYASINGH, M.B.E. to read Shobana JEYASINGH, M.B.E., Choreographer and Founder, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance. For services to Dance.

Glynne JONES to read Glynne David JONES, Director, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales. For public service.

Amanda Melanie KENDALL to read Amanda Melanie KENDALL (Amanda Brooks), Director, Trade Remedies, Access and Controls, Department for International Trade. For services to Economic Growth.

Page N10 – CBE (Civil Division)

Stephen SLACK to read Stephen SLACK, Lately Chief Legal Adviser to the Archbishops' Council and the General Synod of the Church of England and Official Solicitor to the Church Commissioners. For services to the Church of England.

Brendan THRELFALL to read Brendan Peter THRELFALL, Deputy Director, Northern Ireland Office. For public service.

Emma Marion WARD to read Emma Marion WARD (Emma Billey), Lately Director, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. For services to Government and to the Economy.

Brian David Henderson WILSON to read The Right Honourable Brian David Henderson WILSON. For services to Business in Scotland.

Kay WITHERS to read Kay WITHERS, Director, Cabinet Office. For public service.

Page N10 – OBE (Civil Division)

John Patrick BANKS to read John Patrick BANKS, Government Lawyer. For services to the Government Legal Service.

Renée James BARCLAY to read Rene James BARCLAY, lately Principal Crown Advocate, Special Crime Division, Crown Prosecution Service. For services to Law and Order.

Page N11 – OBE (Civil Division)

Emma Louise Ann BOURNE to read Emma Louise Ann BOURNE, Director, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. For services to public administration.

Andrew BROWNE to read Andrew George BROWNE, Secretary, Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry. For services to victims and survivors of abuse.

John Roland CUSHING to read John Ronald CUSHING. For services to Charity.

Iain EVERETT to read Iain Barrington EVERETT. Head of Delivery for Royal and VIP Protective Security, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Home Office. For services to Security.

Page N12 – OBE (Civil Division)

Agnes GILLESPIE to read Agnes (Nancy) Mills Gillespie, Head, HMRC Payment Card Services. For public service.

Virginia GRAHAM to read Virginia Katharine Croft GRAHAM, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Assurance Limited. For services to Promoting Renewable Energy.

Page N13 – OBE (Civil Division)

Dr. Roderick David JAQUES to read Dr. Roderick David JAQUES, Director of Medical Services, English Institute of Sport. For Medical services to Olympic and to Paralympic Sport.

Stephen MILEY to read Stephen Andrew MILEY, Lately Director of Children's Services, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. For services to Children and Families.

Page N14 – OBE (Civil Division)

Antonia MOSS to read Antonia Caroline MOSS, Private Secretary to the Cabinet Secretary. For public service.

Janis Mary MOWLAM to read Janis Mary MOWLAM, Chair, School Aid UK. For services to Education in South Africa and to Volunteering.

Emma Louise PAYNE to read Emma Louise PAYNE, Lately Deputy Director, International Agreements, Department for Exiting the EU. For public service.

Roderick Michael RIDDELL to read Lieutenant Colonel Roderick Michael RIDDELL, Vice-Chairman, the Black Watch Association. For services to Veterans.

Nigel SLATER to read Nigel Robert SLATER, Author and Cook. For services to Cookery and to Literature.

Page N15 - OBE (Civil Division)

Benjamin STOKES to read Benjamin Andrew STOKES. For services to Cricket.

Sue WILKINSON to read Susan Jane WILKINSON. For services to Literature and to Public Libraries.

Alexander WILLIAMS to read Alexander WILLIAMS, Industrial Strategy, Sector Deals, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. For services to Economic and to Industrial Development.

Hazel Elizabeth WINNING to read Hazel Elizabeth WINNING, Lead Allied Health Professions Officer, Department of Health, Northern Ireland Executive. For services to Health and Social Care – to be an Honorary Officer.

Page N15 – MBE (Civil Division)

Mark Edward APSEY to read Mark Edward APSEY, Director, Ameresco. For services to Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Page N16 – MBE (Civil Division)

William BERGMAN to read William Martin BERGMAN. For services to Holocaust Education and Awareness.

Mohammad Saqib BHATTI to read Mohammad Saqib BHATTI, Lately President, Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. For services to Diversity and to Inclusion in Business Communities.

Professor Leslie Baruch BRENT to read Professor Leslie BRENT. For services to Holocaust Education and the Field of Immunology and Organ Transplantation. (To be dated 20 December 2019)

Page N17 – MBE (Civil Division)

Aziza CHAUDRY to read Aziza CHAUDRY, Head of Quality, Adult Education Wolverhampton. For services to Education.

Councillor Philip DAVIS to read Philip Michael DAVIS, Heritage Champion, Birmingham City Council. For services to Heritage.

Air Vice Marshall Simon Robert Charles DOUGHERTY to read Air Vice-Marshal Simon Robert Charles DOUGHERTY, Trustee, RAF Benevolent Fund. For services to RAF Personnel and Veterans.

Captain Iain Christopher DUNDERDALE to read Captain Iain Christopher DUNDERDALE, Invergordon Lifeboats Operation Manager. For services to Cruise Tourism in Scotland.

Page N18 – MBE (Civil Division)

Brian Patrick GARDNER to read Brian Patrick GARDNER, Lately Member, British Association of Spinal Cord Injury Specialists. For services to People affected by Spinal Cord Injuries. (To be dated 14 November 2019)

Natalie GORDON to read Natalie GORDON, Team Manager, Control Centre, Transport for London. For services to Transport and the community in London.

Anne Margaret Stuart GRANT to read Dr. Anne Margaret Stuart GRANT. For services to Charity in Bedfordshire.

Derek GRIFFITHS to read Derek Brian GRIFFITHS. For services to Drama and to Diversity.

Page N19 – MBE (Civil Division)

Professor John Paul HOWARTH to read Professor John Paul HOWARTH, Deputy Chief Executive, North Cumbria Integrated Care National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust and lately General Practitioner, Cockermouth, Cumbria. For services to General Practice and to the NHS.

Angela Vivien Paula LAMPORT to read (Angela Vivien Paula) Lady Lamport, President for London and Tiffany Circle Ambassador, British Red Cross. For services to the Red Cross.

Julie LAWRENCE. For charitable and political services – printed in error.

Amy LEONARD to read Amy Clare LEONARD. Founder, Transformation Trust. For services to Young People and to Education.

Sarah WARD-LILLEY to read Sarah Elizabeth WARD-LILLEY. For services to Journalism.

Page N20 – MBE (Civil Division)

Gordon MOORE to read Gordon MOORE, Chief Executive, Blyth Star Enterprises. For services to Mental Health and to People with Learning Disabilities in Northumberland.

Page N21 – MBE (Civil Division)

Michael NICHOLAS to read Michael James NICHOLAS. For services to Rugby League in Wales.

Alasdair Mackenzie ROSS to read Alasdair Anderson ROSS, Skiing Instructor. For services to Skiing.

Janice ROSS to read Janice ROSS. For services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and to the community in North East England.

Page N22 – MBE (Civil Division)

Jill SCOTT to read Jill Louise SCOTT. For services to Women's Football.

Marilyn SCOTT to read Marilyn Joy SCOTT. For services to Arts, to Culture and to Heritage in Woking, Surrey.

George SOUTAR to read George SOUTAR. For services to the Conservation of Native Aberdeen Angus Cattle.

Timothy STREATFEILD to read Timothy James STREATFEILD. For services to Charity.

Gina Alison TILLER to read Gina Allison TILLER, Lately Chair, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust. For services to Healthcare in Cumbria.

Page N23 – MBE (Civil Division)

David WILBRAHAM to read The Reverend Canon David WILBRAHAM, National Police Chaplain. For services to Policing.

The Right Reverend Rose Josephine HUDSON-WILKIN to read The Right Reverend Rose Josephine HUDSON-WILKIN. For services to Young People and to the Church of England.

Alan WOODS to read Alan WOODS, Chairman, Woods River Cruises. Ltd. For services to River Travel.


Page N27 – BEM (Civil Division)

Mairi (Alyn) GOWANS to read Alyn Mairi GOWANS, Physical Education Teacher, Hillhead High School. For services to Education and the Charity.

Page N28 – BEM (Civil Division)

Donald Lincoln LONGHURST to read Donald Lincoln LONGHURST. For services to Young People in Cheshire through the Scouts and to the community in Alsager.

Page N29 – BEM (Civil Division)

Lieutenant Colonel Ray Morris to read Lieutenant Colonel Ray Morris OGG. For services to the Combined Cadet Forces and to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Isabel Susan Ingrid OSWELL to read Isabel Susan Ingrid OSWELL. For services to Public Libraries and to Entrepreneurship.

Page N31 – BEM (Civil Division)

Stepheney McPHERSON-SULAIMAN to read Stepheney Augustine McPHERSON-SULAIMAN, Trustee, Wandsworth Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group and lately Specialist Nurse Manager. For services to People with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Disorders.


Page N33 – QPM (England and Wales)

Detective Constable Deborah Abinbola Modupe AKINLAWON to read Detective Constable Deborah Abimbola Modupe AKINLAWON, Metropolitan Police Service.

Angelina Lesley CAREY to read Angela Lesley CAREY, Lately Detective Sergeant, North Yorkshire Police.