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Notice of Intended Dividends

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Corporate Insolvency
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Notice of Intended Dividends
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The London Gazette
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In Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Registered office: 3rd Floor, Westfield House, 60 Charter Row, Sheffield, S1 3FZ

Kris Anthony Wigfield (IP Number: 22672) and Joanne Louise Hammond (IP Number: 17030), both of Begbies Traynor (SY) LLP of 3rd Floor, Westfield House, 60 Charter Row, Sheffield, S1 3FZ were appointed as Joint Liquidators of the Company on 24 March 2020.

The joint liquidators intend to declare a First and Final dividend to the non-preferential creditors of the Company who, not already having done so, are required on or before the 8 May 2024 ("the last date for proving") to send their proofs of debt to the joint liquidators, at Begbies Traynor (SY) LLP, 3rd Floor, Westfield House, 60 Charter Row, Sheffield, S1 3FZ and, if so requested to provide such further details or produce such documentary or other evidence as may appear to the liquidators to be necessary.

A creditor who has not proved his debt by the last date for proving will be excluded from the dividend, which we intend to declare within the period of 2 months of that date.

Creditors with a small debt

In accordance with the provisions of Part 14 of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016, a creditor whose debt is a small debt not exceeding £1,000 is deemed to have proved for the purposes of determination and payment of this dividend and is not required to prove their debt as described by this notice unless advised otherwise by the Joint Liquidators.

If a small debt creditor believes that there is a discrepancy with the amount they are owed, the creditor will be required to submit a proof of debt form by no later than the last date for proving in order to participate in the dividend.

Date of Appointment: 24 March 2020

For further details contact Charlotte Webster on 0114 275 5033 or at

Dated: 11 April 2024